ESO – Wayrest Sewers – Normal Pledge

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JZH Gaming

Normal Undaunted Pledge run in Elder Scrolls Online. We played it fast and loose so there are a couple of deaths, but other wise a pretty smooth run.

Tank: jzhnutz
DPS/Healer: kujoalpha1
DPS: teddyt94
DPS: MsJulz421

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The Division – the 24 Hour Review

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Yep, you read that right, 24 hours – you can blame my youngest son who was born on Sunday at 2:01pm EST. I’m not complaining though! I am actually 22 minutes short of 24 hours, but its close enough, so though listed as a review, this is more of my first impressions then anything to serious.

#1 – The Story, PvE, Etc

So far I like it a lot. The story has a certain depth that we wouldn’t be able to understand prior to a 9/11 reality. It also helps that we have had TV shows such as 24 to help “ease” us into the world of post-apocalyptic terrorism. I am not saying this a a good thing, but the writers at Ubisoft hit the nail on the head in my view. The world is both scary and full of wonder, very surreal. It is beautiful, yet bleak, and even with knowing what type of NPC’s you are going to see as you travel down the road, you never really know what you are going to see. The story is actually a story – good enough that they released a 30 min “movie” prior to launch as well as a novel of sorts to launch with it. If you haven’t picked up the book and you are an avid reader like I am, I suggest you get it –Amazon Link. For in game fighting mechanics, there is a realism that hasn’t been touched by a lot of games. The AI is good, even at normal levels – they will flank, lay down suppressing fire, etc. You can respond in kind, and it works. Obviously you are not one shotting anything, so there the realism ends, but it is refreshing that the developers seemed to care when it came to mechanics – not just put more and more bad guys in your way. All of the missions – whether main, side or encounters, seem plausible and legit. What I mean is that its not just go here, shoot these guys and get cool gear – the story and sense of urgency feels real, and as an RPG guy, that means a lot.

I’ve played a lot of shooters and RPG’s in my day, and this game, to me, covers all the basics of those genres plus more. as a shooter, the in game mechanics feel superior then say Destiny – its not just numbers of bad guys, they seem to think and react. As an RPG, it can get complicated – you can’t just expect to through on gear and go out and kick ass. You have to think your build through – yep, your build. Your build matters – you can be a damage dealing machine, a healing spring or a bullet sponge tank – but rarely two of those and never all three.

The biggest complaint I have seen on reviewers sites – besides the typical glitches – is that as shooter fans, they have to run a a lot. As RPG fans, they have to shoot a lot. I say bravo – its a hybrid, and I personally like how they mixed both genres very well.

#2 – The Dark Zone

Now the meat and potatoes – the PvP, not PvP, but really PvP area of The Division. I can honestly say that I have never been as nervous or hyped waiting 2 minutes in a video game in my life – and I wasn’t even trying to extract bad ass gear – just normal drops. To those who say they are going to wait until they hit level 30 – don’t, go in now (go in with a group), experience it, get used to it. You are going to lose – a lot. I would say that those who claim not to are lying. There is always a predator better then you. You will also find unlikely allies who at any minute can turn on you, and it is exhilarating. A friend asked me how it compared to other PvP – we were basically trying to compare it to Elder Scrolls Online (open world, “sandboxy,” etc) and it is similar, but totally different. There is a chance you could run the DZ for hours and not experience any true PvP save for the stray bullet that hits you or hits someone around you for your gun. There is also the chance that the moment you run out of the safe zone you will get nailed – rare since you wont have any loot on you – but it has happened (at least to me). Its PvP without the guarantee for You can go rogue at any moment, but you don’t have to – anyone can, and that is what makes it great to me. On top of that, you really have no idea what the other people around you are planning or thinking.

#3 – Overall

Again, I’ve only got 24 hours in, but I really like this game. That being said I really liked Destiny as well, and I have purposely not tried to max out my level right away (on top of having my 5th child). The story seems to me to have meat, and as an RPG fan that is really important to me. The combat mechanics feel above par, and as a shooter fan that is really important to me. So far nothing has really felt overly repetitive – but I know that point will come (it is an RPG AND a shooter after all). It will be interesting to see how it feels to me once I reach level 30, and once I do I will re-evaluate my overall review score. It is also going to be interested to see how the future content effects the game as a whole.

My Score: 8.8

P.S. – I don’t mind running all the way across the map to reach an objective 🙂 Also, please excuse the hastiness of this – its been a long week!

Diablo 3 – Rift Runs (Torment 6)

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Jzhnutz, Cornflakes31 and baddogx running some t6 rifts in Diablo 3. As the night progressed, they were able to efficiently run t7 normal rifts, and completed a t7 greater rift.

Phantom Forsight – Clan News & Update – 11/25/2015

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Fallout 4 and Star Wars: Battlefront released to much fanfare, any many clan members and allies have been playing it up. Cornflakes31 (When hs isn’t taking Geralt to awesome locations in The Witcher 3), Baddogx and Bigfoot770924 have been tearing up Rebels and Imperials, while Confusing_T and Doctorwho4444 have been exploring the Wasteland. It appears jzhnutz has had his current fill in both the Star Wars universe and the Boston metropolitan area, you can find him in New Tristram (Diablo III) hunting a platinum trophy. Other members are playing Battlefront and Fallout as well, check and see if any are streaming.


With both the Fallout 4 and Battlefront streaming events taking place over the past couple of weeks, our calendar has been in flux. Not many of us have returned to the struggle in Destiny, most of us have stayed in Battlefront or Fallout. We have made not of the November Update by Bungie, and we are looking forward to the December Update and what it will definitely bring, and what other news may be around the corner. If you see clanmates in Battlefront, feel free to jump in and join them. Fallout 4, though being a solo game, still benefits from friends exchanging information. Once we have a better outlook for our future plans and devices, we will post a calendar update for all to see.


As mentioned before, jzhnutz has been focusing on Diablo III, mainly to finish out his trophies, but also because it is one of his favorite games. You can find him most nights running bounties and rifts, and if you care to join him, feel free. Tonight (Wednesday, November 25) he will be streaming Diablo III on the clan’s YouTube. His focus will be on leveling his lower level characters, so if you want to help, let him know. If you prefer to run higher level content for gear and other drops, he is willing to jump on his main character as well. He is also interested in scheduling specific runs for rifts and greater rifts. So even if you can’t join him tonight, let him know if you are interested. Lastly, if you are looking for a specific piece of gear – i.e. that legendary you have never had drop, let him know, he will keep a look out. (free of charge)

Cornflakes31 and baddogx have been representing in Star Wars: Battlefront. If you feel the Star Wars itch, jump on in. Though they stay in fightert squadron a lot, they are more then willing to play other game modes.

Confusing_T (out this week), jzhnutz and doctorwho4444 should be able to answer any questions you may have in Fallout4 – so, if you get stuck, hit one of them up.

Other Games:

Jzhnutz, to tide over the gaming lull the holiday season alwasy seems to bring after November, is planning on running through the current generation Assassin’s Creed Games (Black Flag, Unity and Syndicate). Also, because he is bored, if any of you have PGA Tour Golf 2015 (the one with Rory McElroy on the cover) and want to team up for a game, let him know.

Orsinium released for Elder Scrolls Online last week, and by all accounts, it has added some excellent game play. Along with the DLC, Zenimax/Bethesda has added cross-alliance dungeon running… yep, it is hear. So if you main is in Daggerfall and your buddies main is in Ebonheart, you can now run dungeons together. Even if you don’t have Orsinium, the update allows all alliances to run any of the dungeons together. So, if you want to run some dungeons on ESO, let us know!

Wrap Up

Well, tomorrow is Thanksgiving and Christmas is right around the corner. Looking forward to seeing everyone out there. Remember, be responsible, stay safe, and keep gaming.

Fallout 4 – Review + GOTY Talk

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Let me get this out of the way, Fallout 4 is an amazing game. The story is intriguing, the graphics are better then decent, and the degree of customization is awesome. I can literally dump hours into just building my network of settlements and modding my weapons and armor. It is a great game, but is it Game of the Year?

Up until the release of Fallout 4, my GOTY was clearly The Witcher 3 – Witcher 3 Review here. Obviously, I have spent more time in the world of Geralt of Rivia since my initial post, and I have loved every moment of it. Great story, amazing graphics, mesmerizing soundtrack – its the total package for action fans and for RPG fans. It is one of the most well rounded games I have ever played – and I have played a lot. Clearly, I am biased a little, I am a huge fan of the whole series: the games, books, etc, however, I am not the only one who feels this game is amazing. As an exercise, I began to compare Fallout 4 ot the Witcher 3 once I began playing – totally unfair, they are two different types of games within the same genre, but, I did it anyways. Here is my thoughts.

1 – Story

The story in Fallout 4 is pretty good – typical of the Fallout series. There is the lone hero with a very personal mission. As is typical, the lone hero gets caught up in the environment around him or her because the goals of the hero always pas through the goals of others. Sound familiar to the Witcher 3 – as well as any RPG. There are a good number of side and miscellaneous quests – some tying into the story or with important characters, others simply are there to be there. Again, in comparison to the Witcher 3, it is the same. However, though compelling, the Witcher 3 makes me feel, not only for Geralt, but for those around him and those he interacts with. Just look at the Bloody Baron story, or even the werewolf story on Skellige, it touches you, much like the Last of Us did to those who played it. In Fallout 4, I could careless if the Brotherhood of Steel prevails versus the Minutemen versus the Railroad versus the Institute – well, I do care ,but only for the two different trophies. In other words, the story of Fallout 4 is good, but it isn’t amazing, like the Witcher 3. It doesn’t hit you in the gut and knock you on your ass – The Witcher 3 does.

2 – Graphics

Let be honest, the graphical environment around Geralt is a million times better then that of Fallout 4, and for obvious reasons. Bethesda is using the same engine they have always used – mainly to support modders, and that is fine. I think the graphics are good – i am not nearly as harsh as some – but they are not Witcher 3 quality. The Witcher 3 graphics are dynamic, while Fallout 4’s are static – they look good, but you do not feel like you are there like you do in the Witcher. The worlds of both games are dark, war torn landscapes that have been ravaged and raped by both society and circumstance – yet, The Witcher 3 feels alive, while Fallout 4 feels like I am simply walking along. Again, the graphics are good, but they are simply not on par with the Witcher 3 and other games of this generation. It is not game breaking at all, but they could be better.

3 – Sound / Music

Sound is good in Fallout 4, even moving to some degree, and the 1950s sounding radio stations are awesome, but again, The Witcher 3’s soundtrack is movie like. Not Terminator 2 or even Star Wars like, we are talking Henry V, Last of the Mohicans, etc. It is simply amazing, even my wife likes it, and she hates video games. She is a classically trained cellist, and she likes it. Its not good, its great. Fallout 4’s sound track is good, but again, no where close touching the Witcher 3.

4 – Gameplay

Here is where the two begin to separate. In the Witcher 3 you fight with a sword – well, two swords – and a crossbow. A mix of potions and oils. Fallout 4 you primarily fight with guns (some fight melee, or with swords/clubs/baseball bats). Both have great controls, and the VATS system is greatly improved in Fallout 4. I like how Fallout 4 feels, likewise, I like how The Witcher 3 feels. In this category, there is no clear winner, it is simply a matter of preference to a gaming style. They both are great.

5 – Customization

Geralt is the witcher – pure and simple. He is a dude with white hair that carries two sword – one steel, one silver. That’s it, end of discussion. You can change his hair style, give him a clean shaven face or a woolly beard, change his armor appearance, but thats about it. Oh, there are those free DLC which gives alternate clothes to NPCs, but again, that is about it. Fallout 4 – everything is what you make it and can be customized in a myriad of ways. From weapons and armor, to your settlements, everything (or rather a lot of it) is under your command. Yes, it is the type of game it is versus the Witcher 3 not being that type of game, yet Fallout 4 seems to give the gamer a lot more control, and that is a good thing.

6 – Game Progression

I have 50 hours (and change) into Fallout 4, I have 75+ hours into the Witcher 3.

In Fallout 4, I am level 35 1/2 with 55% trophy completion on PS4. I currently can beat the game with either my next quest, or the next 2-3 quests with each faction except the Institute, there I need to do four quests. I still need to find all the bobble head dolls, and I still need to hack 15 terminals. i also need to get perfect happiness in a settlement and have a companion as a love interest. I have discovered almost 200 locations. All in all, progression doesn’t feel way too fast, yet, like with Skyrim, it feels like am now overpowered to most enemies. Yes, i could change the difficulty, but I don’t feel like I should have to.

In the Witcher 3, I am level 28 with roughly 25% trophy completion. I am still a few quests away from beating the main quest, I am way behind on witcher contracts, and I still have a ton of side stuff to do (as I do as well in Fallout 4). Granted, I have spent a lot of time playing gwent, but not so much that it has made my progression suffer. There is still a ton of places yet undiscovered and cleared, and even the lower enemies still hurt me to were I don’t feel too OP. I feel like if I did cange the difficulty, I’d get steam rolled, and i like that.

I will grant you, I have made it a point to trophy hunt in Fallout 4 – I see it as a game that I can “easily” platinum, and I have put a lot of time into it in a short period of time, mainly because Star Wars Battlefront is releasing tomorrow. However, I feel that I have progressed basically on demand, unlike in the Witcher 3 where it feels like I have to fight for every bit of experience I can get. I am first and foremost an RPG player, like my father before me (sorry for the Star Wars pun), and I can remember the days of early Final Fantasy titles where we would stay in the same corridor for days simply to level up as much as possible. I don’t miss that, however unlike the Witcher 3, i don’t feel as if I have earned the levels I have gotten, I have simply leveled up.

The perk systems in both games are great. Complicated, even confusing, at first, but once you get into them they make a lot more sense. The side games in both, again are great, yet the Witcher 3 gives you more of a sense of accomplishment in gwent then I do playing Zeta Invaders in Fallout 4.

Overall, I give Fallout 4 a 9.5 (A+). Even so, it is not my Game of the Year, that falls to The Witcher 3. My hope is that Fallout 4 does not get the votes simply for having a release at the right time. The are both amazing games and both have their place, it is just my feeling that the Witcher 3 is on top.

Fallout 4 – Release Day Stream Event

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Officially beginning at 8pm EST, but running all day as schedules permit.

jzhnutz – Streaming on the Phantom Forsight YouTube

ConfusingT  – Twitch Channel – Due to technical issues, stream may not be constant

Ghostkilla_12Twitch Channel

Doctorwho4444Twitch Channel

ArghanoahTwitch Channel

Phantom Forsight YouTube – jzhnutz streaming

Phantom Forsight Twitch

Fallout 4 – Stream Event

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We are one day away from the release of Fallout 4, and such, we are one day away from our clan streaming event of Fallout 4! Join us on the following streaming channels as we play!

jzhnutz – Streaming on the Phantom Forsight YouTube

ConfusingT  – Twitch Channel – Due to technical issues, stream may not be constant

Ghostkilla_12Twitch Channel

Doctorwho4444Twitch Channel

ArghanoahTwitch Channel

We will all be in party chat, along with other clan members not playing the game. Please join us, watch and comment! The event officially begins at 8pm EST tomorrow, November 10th. However, be on the lookout as some members may begin streaming earlier. If you are in the clan, getting Fallout 4 and want to be included, send your twitch or your YouTube channel info to